The Monuments Men and Women Foundation is currently shining a spotlight on the female members of the Allied armies’ Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives section. Although the section included 27 women and about 320 men during and after World War II, focus has previously been on the Monuments Men, who protected works of art during the war. Recently, however, the Foundation has made a concerted effort to highlight the heroic efforts of its women by opening a new exhibit at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans, and publishing the memoir of Rose Valland, a monuments officer who describes spying on the Nazis while working at a Paris museum. The memoir, entitled The Art Front, was first published in French in 1961, and will be released in English for the first time this November.

Read more about the Monuments Men and Women Foundation’s news in this article by Jamie Stengle.

Image of Rose Valland’s memoir, The Art Front, to be published November 2024. Courtesy of The Monuments Men and Women Foundation website.

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